Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Jim Stoten is bringing his technical genius to Gallery Seven with a new show entitled Studies of Another Place or S.O.A.P. for short.

The new work is about looking at the world through his eyes. It's a personal exhibition, both reflexive and escapist in equal measures, and it investigates his role as artist, his place in the illustrated world he wants to create and how the two inform and guide each other.

It's a bit of a break from the norm for Jim. If you've seen his work before you'll be expecting complex, highly-detailed, multi-angle illustrated fun fests. Ok, expect some of the same. But Jim has embraced the spirit of Gallery Seven and is pushing his own boundaries by trying his hand at collage. We like the results. We think you will too.

The show opens to the public on Friday August 21st.

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